She's Making a Difference

A Strong Voice for Warwick

  • Co-Sponsored $40 million school construction bond to repair crumbling Warwick schools
  • Introduced legislation to force T.F. Green Airport to increase payments to the city
  • Doubled the funding to our senior centers

Supporting Working Families

  • Increased minimum wage in each of the last three years
  • Co-Sponsored and passed Pay Equity legislation
  • Improved access to quality, affordable health care

Safe Schools and Streets

  • Passed common sense gun reform
  • Passed bills to combat the opioid crisis
  • Supported historical $250 million statewide school construction bond

Tax Reform

  • Fought to eliminate the car tax:
  • Warwick taxpayers will save almost $3 million this year
  • Over 12,000 Warwick car owners no longer pay any car tax at all